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We believe in love. Not the fairy tale kind you see in movies... the real kind. The kind that gets in your soul. The kind that makes you climb mountains and swim rivers just to be with your person. We believe the ups and downs make us stronger, that silly things can be romantic, and that all the little moments rolled up together can create a love story better than any Hallmark Christmas movie. And we believe that when you find a love like that, it's worth celebrating every day.

Our goal as photographers is to help you do just that... celebrate love. Celebrate your life together and document your journey. Whether you're newly engaged or married for 30 years, your story is worth preserving and our unique style of photography will help capture all the moments and details that make up your relationship. By focusing on emotion and creating opportunities for each couple to express their personality, we're able to capture the special romance that exists in each unique relationship.

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About Us

Andrew is the tech-savvy member of the team & has loved photography since he picked up his grandfather's old Canon film camera. While he likes to play a more "backstage" role on the wedding day, he's also completely focused making sure every detail gets covered & the whole day runs smoothly. Plus- if you ever need a trivia partner, he's pretty nice to have around! Andrew also enjoys video games, hiking, & walking dogs at the animal shelter.

assistant photographer


Leslie is definitely the type of person you want to have in your corner. Her sense of humor & generous nature can always add sunshine to your day & her attention to detail and eye for creative angles are invaluable during both sessions & wedding days. When she isn't working behind the camera, Leslie can be found spending time with her three daughters, enjoying a good Netflix show, or joining Meisha in her search for more caffeine.

assistant photographer


Meisha finds creative inspiration in the beauty of nature, gorgeous architecture, & bright spaces. Her images are crisp & full of color, with just the right amount of dramatic flair. In her free time you can find Meisha enjoying the outdoors, traveling to new places, or in search of more caffeine. She's also a crazy cat lady and loves any animal that will snuggle with her while she reads a good book or pretends to be good at needle crafts.

Owner, editor, & lead photographer


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