Breanna + Coleman: The Camp at Buffalo Mountain

Sometimes our best plans for a wedding day are foiled by the one thing we can’t control: Mother Nature. But that doesn’t mean the day is any less special or perfect, it just means we have to adapt and if anything, it reminds us of how much those around us care about the success of the day.

For Breanna & Coleman, October 19th was a wedding day full of quick adjustments and calls for “plan b”, but they were also surrounded by friends and family that went with the flow, vendors who adapted to what was needed at the moment, and all the nerves and excitement that accompany every wedding day.

Originally, these two weren’t planning on doing a first look, but when rain storms moved in, they decided to adjust their plans and get ready a little earlier than planned. Thankfully, the wonderful hair and makeup stylists were able to finish early and by the time we walked in the door, Breanna was already getting dressed and ready to go for portraits.

When we got a break in the rain, we whisked the bride and groom off to the perfect place for their first look and a quick portrait session. And after the ceremony, we had another break in the rain that allowed us to finish up the bridal party photos. (It’s amazing how those weather breaks always come at the prefect time on wedding days!)

So, while our well planned schedule quickly flew out the window, we were able to get everything done that we needed and it all came together flawlessly. If anything, I find the photos that come from days like this to be even more meaningful, because they represent a joyful and quiet moment in the midst of a chaotic day.

I love that you can see the occasional rain drop in a photo or a few water drops on the groom’s jacket. I love the breath of relief that the bride takes when it still turns out wonderfully despite her stress. And I love to look back and see the culmination of hours of love and effort to make it all happen perfectly. Every wedding photo tells part of a story and days like this just mean we have an even better story to tell!

Huge thanks to the great vendor team for this wedding, especially Chetna and Taylor for being so prompt with their styling and Matt for being ever ready to whisk us away in a golf cart at a moment’s notice!

Venue: The Camp at Buffalo Mountain
Bridal Bouquet: Rainbow’s End Floral
Makeup: Bombshell Beauty by Chetna
Hair: Taylor Carter
Entertainment: Beck & Champion DJ Services
Catering, Bartending, Cake: Main Street Cafe and Catering

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  1. Katy Sergent

    November 13th, 2019 at 10:03 am

    So glad that everything worked out for this couple’s beautiful day! Beautiful work, as always, Meisha!

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