Lifestyle Newborn Sessions: A Stress-Free Option

Hang out on the couch with Madyson, Daniel, Dexter, and Joplin! (Oh, and enjoy some precious newborn photos as well!)


Photographs of a lifestyle newborn sessionfeaturing a newborn baby surrounded by the parents and their dog. Images were taken by The Modern Heart, a newborn photographer, at The Magnolia Room in downtown Erwin, Tennessee.

Even with the best made plans, newborn sessions always go a little differently. But, that just mean we get to create even more memorable photographs!


Newborn Session Plans: An Oxymoron

A caucasian newborn baby laying on it's side on a blanket. The baby is smiling and playing with their fingers. The photograph was taken at a photography studio near Johnson City, Tennesseee.

Some things in life are worth driving a little bit farther than normal, and when my college roommate, Krystal, mentioned how much her ten month old loved watermelon, I knew these photos would be worth the extra mile!


Baby Jonah + Watermelon= Cuteness Overload!