Tips for Mini Sessions: Be prepared and enjoy these awesome photo opportunities!

Mini Sessions are offered by a lot of photographers, especially around holidays. But, without fully understanding what they are, many people miss out on the great opportunities that Mini Sessions provide. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll learn great tips for how to plan ahead and be properly prepared next time you see a Mini Session advertisement!


Finding the right outfit is, by far, one of the most frequent things I’m asked about when planning a photo session. Whether you’re doing photos by yourself, with a significant other, or with family, it’s always a challenge. (And the more people you add to the mix, the harder it gets.) But, it doesn’t have to be difficult! With just a few basic tips, we can make outfit planning smooth, easy, and maybe even fun.


Outfit Tips for Your Best Photo Session Ever

In studio Christmas photo at The Magnolia Room. A boy sits in a snow covered winter forest scene surrounded by brown and red presents.

With the latest trends in glamping and outdoor relaxation, it only makes sense that these things would transition into the world of wedding celebrations.


Festival Weddings: The Newest Creative Option for Your Celebration

Fun decorative lights from Alpha Lit.

Hang out on the couch with Madyson, Daniel, Dexter, and Joplin! (Oh, and enjoy some precious newborn photos as well!)


Lifestyle Newborn Sessions: A Stress-Free Option

Photographs of a lifestyle newborn sessionfeaturing a newborn baby surrounded by the parents and their dog. Images were taken by The Modern Heart, a newborn photographer, at The Magnolia Room in downtown Erwin, Tennessee.

Even with the best made plans, newborn sessions always go a little differently. But, that just mean we get to create even more memorable photographs!


Newborn Session Plans: An Oxymoron

A caucasian newborn baby laying on it's side on a blanket. The baby is smiling and playing with their fingers. The photograph was taken at a photography studio near Johnson City, Tennesseee.

If you’ve ever seen the show, Downton Abbey, you can probably recall the opulence and refinement of the English manor house which the main family called home. From there, they hosted extravagant dinner parties in honor of visiting VIP’s, lounged in luxurious clothing, and spent their days existing in a scene of dramatic elegance. What better inspiration for a romantic wedding than that of this bygone era?


Downton Abbey at Allandale Mansion

The wedding industry is always growing and evolving. Each year couples bring their own tastes and interests into their wedding planning and, as such, the trends are constantly changing. One pattern that has emerged over the past few years is that many couples are opting for smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations.


New Wedding Options at Carnegie Hotel

With sunny days and spring flowers in bloom, there was no time more perfect for this bridal session. But it wasn’t just a normal photo shoot. In fact, we didn’t even have a real bride!


International Storytelling Center: Garden Bridal Session

Have you ever been to a wedding that looks exactly like every other wedding you’ve ever been to? I have! I think everyone has seen this happen. Plain tables, plain decor, nothing to really stand out as special for the beloved couple… But you want your wedding to be different, right? You want it to show your personality. To be as unique as you and your fiance. You’re a unique couple, so why should your wedding look boring and plain?


Wedding Inspiration for the Creative Bride

Learn more about the new TN law concerning marriage ordination- what it is, who it affects, and how to move forward.


2019 Tennessee Law on Online Ordination

A wonderful team of wedding vendors come together for a styled wedding at The VENUE at King’s Centre, in Johnson City, Tennessee. This labor of love and creativity was built around a theme of modern elegance, full of bright greenery and layered whites, wood and metallic elements, and loads of romantic lighting.


An Urban Wedding at VENUE: Johnson City, Tennessee

Natural vibes, bohemian styles, and cozy textiles come together to create stunning winter bridal inspiration for any bride looking for something a little different.


Forest Bridals with Blossom & Bloom