Guys, guys, guys!!!! I’m so excited!   A few months ago, on a total whim, I entered some of my work in an international competition called “Shoot & Share.” This is a well known competition in the photography community where photographers can enter up to 50 of their best photos to be voted on by […]


Obviously, travel takes money, but not as much as you might think. As long as you actively look for ways to save money on the four main expenses of travel: Activities, Lodging, Transportation, and Food, you’ll find that you can get the cost of your trips way down!


10 tips for Traveling on a Budget

If you’ve ever been in front of my camera or worked with me, you’ve probably heard me constantly stress the importance of creating multiple backups of your images and important files. Thankfully, I follow my own advice because a few weeks ago, my computer crashed and I could have lost everything. Years of work, years […]


My computer crashed and it was no big deal!

I think 2017 actually flew by… like for real. I took a nap in March and woke up in December… and of course I hadn’t bought any Christmas presents yet! I’ll be honest, the year started off a little rough. I remember crying in the corner of a wedding reception at the end of 2016 […]


Reflections and Plans: 2017-2018

On November 8th, 2008, I got to photograph my first wedding. I had no idea what I was doing! But I learned a lot that I could grow from, and even though I was really sick that day, I still loved the process! It sparked a passion in me that has grown over the years […]


9 Years Later

Running a business comes with lots of decisions. Most importantly, of course, is what you’re going to do in that business! But that decision is so much deeper than “What do I want to sell or offer?”. To really know how the business will operate, you have to get down to “why” of the business. […]

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Why We Do This

It’s always hard to talk about yourself in posts like this… BUT, having a good connection and getting along with your wedding photographer can make a huge difference in how the day flows! After all, I’ll be spending 6 to 12 hours shadowing your every move on the wedding day, in addition to all the […]


Friday Introductions

Think back to your childhood. Did your house have a “drawer?” You know the kind… it was almost sacred. Completely forbidden from prying young hands unless supervised by an adult. Within it, all the family treasures were kept. Everything meaningful, valuable, or remotely important was shut up in that drawer. Well… when I was a […]

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The Drawer