Christina + Rees: A Wedding with Memories throughout the Tri-Cities

Let me start by saying how wonderful it is to photograph multiple weddings within the same family! After spending so much time with them during such emotional events, each wedding becomes like a little family reunion for us! It’s always so great to catch up with our previous brides and grooms, see the same parents and grandparents again, and enjoy the company of familiar faces. This wedding was no different.

While photographing the wedding of Rees’ sister last fall, Rees caught a moment to talk with me privately and asked for my card. “I’m getting ready to propose to my girlfriend,” he explained. (Which made taking photos of them the rest of the night much more fun since I now had a secret!!) A few months later, he got in contact with me again to let me know they were now officially planning the wedding!

After sitting down with Christina & Rees, I knew this would be a wonderful wedding to be a part of. It was obvious that they had a strong relationship and were so excited to get married. And instead of planning an elaborate event, their focus was completely on each other. The “event” surrounding their marriage was secondary in their priorities. Naturally, this meant a small wedding was perfect for them. They planned to have the ceremony at the Johnson City church where the met, then a small dessert reception with those who attended. Afterwards, they would travel to Bristol for a picnic dinner with their families.

After learning about their plans I was so excited from a photography standpoint! You see, all of their photos had be done in the middle of the day, which is generally a nightmare for a photographer! But… since we had a unique timeline and already had some traveling built into the day, that meant we could pick our portrait location based on more than just the venue.

We ended up doing portraits at three different locations throughout the day: a few at the church directly after the ceremony, lots at a park near Rees’ house in Bristol, and then a few more at the house where Rees’ grew up. This not only gave them a lot a variety in their portraits, but created opportunities to use the best light we could find and to incorporate meaningful locations for them to look back on.

Another thing that was excited about this wedding was having enough portrait time to experiment a little. Christina had found several pictures on Pinterest that she really liked, but a lot of them were outside of our normal style and pose flow. Instead of just ignoring those images, we were able to take the time to play around with different posing and lighting techniques that we normally wouldn’t touch. Honestly, they turned out great and a few of them might evening become part of our standard pose flow. So thankful that we had a schedule that allowed for a more laid back timeline!

Hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did! If you’d like to see their full gallery, click HERE! And Burt family… you’ve got another daughter so, see you next time? 😛

Vendor Love:
Venue: Calvary Church & Private Residence
Hair Styling: NYBBS Salon– Naomi
Makeup Artist: Aesthetics by Hannah
Gown: Vera Wang
Shoes: Badgley Michka
Coordination at Calvary Church: Lucas and Jessie
Cake: Cakebuds
Catering: Braeden’s BBQ & family members

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