Friday Introductions

It’s always hard to talk about yourself in posts like this… BUT, having a good connection and getting along with your wedding photographer can make a huge difference in how the day flows! After all, I’ll be spending 6 to 12 hours shadowing your every move on the wedding day, in addition to all the planning phone calls and your engagement/bridal sessions that take place before hand! So why not be friends? With that in mind, I’d like to share a little bit of random information about myself to help you get to know me!

First of all, I’m with the guy in all the pictures below. He’s pretty amazing. Not only is he my best friend, but he’s also a great photographer and he shoots about 80% of my weddings with me. We love to hike and explore new places. We take spontaneous drives to Washington, DC, in the middle of the night. We like Taco Bell waaaayyyyy too much. We take lots of bad selfies (because photographers never get good pictures of themselves). And we’re really good at binge watching tv shows… I’m so glad I get to do life with him!


Second, I’m a cat magnet. They find me everywhere! I have no control over it. We currently have 3 cats which are lovingly referred to as Large, Medium, and Small. (Or Peanut, Jack, and He Who Must Not Be Named if you prefer… ) The last two literally jumped into my arms unprovoked while we were out for walks. Naturally, I couldn’t put them down since that act was just adorable… so now they live with us.

Third, I used to be SUPER active in swimming and dance, but now I just like to pretend to be active. This generally consists of doing yoga (even though I’m totally not flexible anymore), complaining about climbing hills while we’re hiking, or talking myself into “actually running” a 5k this year… results are pending. (I have ZERO cardio ability.)

Fourth, I can quote most of The Princess Bride and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I also know all the lyrics to Baby Got Back and will demonstrate if needed.

Fifth, I’m a hopeless romantic so wedding and couples photography is the perfect job for me! Not only will I fawn over all the meaningful details you put into your wedding day, but I’m also guaranteed to cry while you read your love letters and during romantic first dances or sentimental toasts!

So there you have it… a few fun facts about me that hopefully made you laugh! Thanks for reading!


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