Tips for Mini Sessions: Be prepared and enjoy these awesome photo opportunities!

Mini Sessions are offered by a lot of photographers, especially around holidays. But, without fully understanding what they are, many people miss out on the great opportunities that Mini Sessions provide. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll learn great tips for how to plan ahead and be properly prepared next time you see a Mini Session advertisement!

So, first of all, what is a Mini Session?

Mini Sessions are sessions booked on a specific day, in a specific place, and usually with a specific theme in mind. The sessions are normally offered at a lower cost and run for a shorter amount of time, resulting in fewer images than a full session would yield. Mini sessions often incorporate elaborate background sets or locations that are not usually available. They can also be great for young children with short attention spans or those who may have budget concerns.

With these things in mind, let’s dive into some tips about how to make the most of a Mini Session!

Tips for having the best Mini Sessions:

1: Know the theme and set design. Ask your photographer to share a photo of their set or their inspiration photos. You can then know what style and color choices would be appropriate for your outfits. Personally, I’m always thrilled when clients ask for advice on picking out their clothing because I love to create a cohesive look and ensure your clothing blends (or stands out) in a perfect way!

2: Participate in an appropriate session. Every Mini Session is planned with a specific group in mind and this plays into the design, location, and staging of the session. Make sure you’re booking a session that works for what you need (E.G. family photos, pet photos, children’s portraits, etc). Let your photographer know who will be participating in the session, their ages, and any physical limitations they may have so that the photographer can plan their poses appropriately.

3: Book early and reserve the best spot for your situation. By their very nature, Mini Sessions have a limited booking capacity. Don’t wait to reserve your spot! The earlier you book your session, the more choices you’ll have for the best time slot. Plan around work schedules, travel arrangements, nap and meal times in order to have the best experience during your session. If you have special concerns regarding the time of your session, ask your photographer for their advice. I’ve often made special arrangements for sessions that fall outside of “normal” circumstances!

4: Be on time. This is the biggest tip of all! Photographers book Mini Sessions back to back and under short time frames so plan ahead and be prepared. (If your session is only 20 minutes long and you arrive 10 minutes late, your actual time with the photographer just got cut in half!) Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for travel delays, diaper changes, and clothing arrangements. As my former band director used to say: “Early is on time and on time is late.”


The more you plan before your session, the less stressed you’ll be at your session! (And y’all know I’m a huge believer that photo sessions should be fun and not stressful!) So leave the drama behind, be prepared, and have a fun and memorable experience at your next (or first) Mini Session.

Images featured in this article are from our 2021 “Sweet Shop” Valentine’s Mini Session at The Magnolia Room in Erwin, Tennessee.

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