My computer crashed and it was no big deal!

If you’ve ever been in front of my camera or worked with me, you’ve probably heard me constantly stress the importance of creating multiple backups of your images and important files. Thankfully, I follow my own advice because a few weeks ago, my computer crashed and I could have lost everything. Years of work, years of memories, years of my life and my business were all at risk in that moment… but here’s why I wasn’t even worried about it.

“Old Faithful” (my over worked 5 year old iMac) started gasping for breath several months ago when my USB ports began to fail. Trial and error (and some good luck) got those working again… most of the time. Then, right at the end of the busy season, my hard drive and CPU decided they would only cooperate on their schedule. “Oh, you wanted to edit a wedding tonight? That’s really no good for us, how about this weekend? We should be able to open Photoshop by then!” At this point, I was just hoping it would last until I had my last wedding edited! The end was definitely in site. Then my hard drive couldn’t be recognized… then my backup drive couldn’t be recognized… then I couldn’t even run a backup! Then I could, then I couldn’t, then I cou…. You get the picture. My blood pressure was slightly elevated. The final straw was about 3 weeks ago when my display decided that my screen looked best with giant black and red lines running across 3/4 of it. My computer was now completely useless.

BUT! It didn’t matter at all because we had a robust backup system in place, so I didn’t lose a thing. I won’t try to explain our system, but the end result is that I constantly have three copies of ALL my data and images. When one of my backup drives corrupted recently, I didn’t lose anything. When my computer stopped acknowledging that my hard drive existed, I didn’t lose anything. And finally, when my whole system decided to give up the ghost, I didn’t lose a single file! Was it frustrating? Yes. Inconvenient? Yep. Devastating? No!

So my lovely reminder to all of you is… BACKUP YOUR DATA! Some things can’t be replaced and digital isn’t forever. If you’re a photographer or other professional and don’t have a good setup, shoot me a message and we’ll get you on the right track! Make the right choices now and you won’t risk it all later!

Now the beauty that came out of all that chaos is that Andrew built an amazing new computer for me and it is just humming through everything I throw at it! I also got a new desk and office setup as our off-season investment for this year. Yay! New things! I’m sure this system will be around to keep me company for years to come. (And I guarantee all the weddings, memories, and files from those years will be properly backed up as well!)


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