Renovation at the Erwin Studio: Day 1

As most people who have completed renovation work will tell you, there are guaranteed to be a few surprises along the way. Ours just came a little bit earlier than we were expecting.

Only 2 hours after signing our lease on January 28th, we were already beginning work on the property at 102 South Main Avenue. Our hopes for the afternoon were to clean out the storefront windows and get the first coat of paint on that section of the walls, but the building had other plans.

At some point in the past, a previous tenant had decided that painting the walls black and covering them with wallpaper stickers would be a good idea. (Trust me, it wasn’t…) So, to create the space we dreamed of, all that had to go. But as we started peeling back the wallpaper, the latex paint also began peeling. And with the latex paint came the layer of paint underneath that, which also lifted some wallpaper. Once the wallpaper was lifted, the plaster underneath began breaking away too… You get the picture.

But y’all—- underneath that plaster was the original brick from 1892!!! We were thrilled! We hadn’t started with any intention of uncovering the original walls but if the building wanted us to find them, who were we to deny fate?

The discovery has delayed our hopes for finishing the storefront windows in just a day or two, but we love the idea of having this original texture on display. And, if we’ve already found something this wonderful during our first few hours of work, just imagine what the future holds!

Also- huge thanks to Amy, one of Leslie’s friends/clients who saw our announcement video on Facebook and came down to help us knock out these walls!

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  1. Katy Sergent

    January 29th, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    That brick is so beautiful! What a great find behind all of the work! When my husband and I first got the keys to his office in Bristol- we went through the same renovation pains, so I feel this! Our previous tenants had a “tiki hut” storage area that we tore the roof off and re-wood paneled. The store window front also had wood flooring, but another previous tenant painted bumble bees and plants on top, so we had to sand that! It’ll be a journey, but it’ll be so beautiful once you’re finished!

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