Renovations: Day 14

Wow! The last two weeks have flown by! We’re definitely into that stage where so much has been accomplished but, at first glance, it looks like we’ve barely done anything. We have so many big projects in progress right now and several of them are nearing completion so I know we’re only days away from feeling a major sense of accomplishment as the lose ends begin to tie up!

One big thing we have done this past week was the construction of our walls. For me personally, I think this was the stage where it all became real. We’ve had drawings and ideas floating around in our heads for a few weeks now, but with the walls actually built and in place, we can finally see the space taking shape.

Walls built of 2x4's frame in the new rooms of the event space.
We can now clearly see exactly how the event space, family room, and office area will be laid out!

A few other things that got done this week: removal of demolition debris, removal of decades old wallpaper and paint from some of the walls, removal of old lights from the studio space, removal of unneeded electric conduits from the event space, paint prep in the office area and event space, oh and multiple sessions and events because work doesn’t stop while we’re doing this! Leslie has even been shooting a few quick sessions in our space already, and it also served as a great staging area for a big event we did just around the corner at Bramble.

Paint layers are removed with a scraper.
We’ve literally lost count of the number of layers on these walls! Brick, Plaster, different plaster, concrete, paint, patching, wallpaper, more paint… but it’s finally coming off!

I definitely need to take a second to thank those who joined us on Saturday and many other days to quite literally make our dreams become a reality- Gary Wilkinson, Andrew Turner, Dakota Black, Trevor Wheeler, and Jared Tipton. And huge thanks to Linda Tipton for keeping us supplied with random tools and equipment we didn’t think we needed!

A table saw sits in front of newly built frame walls.

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