Renovations: Day 25

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by people who support our endeavors so much! Earlier this week, Leslie and I stepped away from the studio work to have lunch with some local venue friends, Rocky and Kathy, from the Camp at Buffalo Mountain. But little did we know that lunch would lead to a big step in progress for the studio.

We had decided to cover our stud walls with a faux shiplap created using plywood, paper backing, and a whole lot of time. When we mentioned this to Rocky during lunch, she asked if we had contacted any local lumber mills to see if they might have any precut options that would save us time and hopefully a little money as well. She then suggested that they could connect us with some people they had worked with before on lumber purchases.

When she called her son Matt, he got in touch with Shoun Lumber in Butler, TN. Not only did they have great pricing, but they actually had real shiplap board that we could afford! No cutting, no paper backing, just the real thing! This would save us so much time and it actually ended up being significantly cheaper than what we had priced at other stores.

Leslie and Dakota went Saturday morning to pick it up and by Saturday night we had one wall ready to paint. It went up so much faster and easier than we ever thought it would! I’m so glad we found this option thanks to Rocky and family!

This week we also got the old walls completely sanded and ready to paint, placed support beams on the new walls and had our first building inspection, built a ceiling for the bathroom, installed new lighting, and got the electrical wiring ran on the new walls! It’s finally starting to come together with some of the big projects coming to a close. I’m hopeful that we’ll be laying the flooring next week! Fingers crossed!

Jared and Dakota work on the support beams between the new walls and the ceiling.

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