Tennessee Wedding: Hunter & Amber’s Newlywed Photo Session

“Day-After” Sessions are great ways to celebrate your wedding in a truly unique way. The idea is that, instead of being confined to your chosen venue or to limited portrait time, you can choose to create your wedding portraits in other meaningful locations, on your schedule, without the stress of the strict timeline of the wedding day. (Plus, they give you another reason to wear all those “nice clothes” again!)

These sessions don’t always take place immediately after the wedding day either. In fact, for Hunter & Amber, their session was planned 6 months after their wedding. They decided they wanted portraits done at a special property, where Hunter spent a lot of time as a child, and that they wanted to capture a few special shots that their original photographer missed on the wedding day.

I was so glad to do this session for these two! I got to learn all about the details of their wedding day and capture shots that will help them tell their story for years to come. For instance, they choose their wedding colors based on their names: HUNTER green & AMBER yellow. Punny right? Amber also made her bouquet and Hunter braided some ribbons around it in a specific pattern that brings back memories of the first time the met. While the pattern was a little less recognizable after 6 months of being in storage, we were still able to photograph it in such a way that they’ll always remember that story. Another great detail was that Hunter, who loves metal working and blacksmithing, made his own wedding ring out of copper! How cool is that?!

There were so many wonderful memories that will be seen in these photos and I truly hope they cherish them forever and they always bring happy memories! Thanks for letting me play a part in your first year of marriage you guys!

Now it’s time for a bonus photo! Hunter is the son of the very first bride I EVER photographed! Here’s a photo of him and one of his brothers on mom’s wedding day in 2008!

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  1. Brittany says:

    These are lovely! I’m so happy you were able to give them the photos they wanted and deserve. What a small world that you photographed the groom as a kid?! So crazy!

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