Baby Jonah + Watermelon= Cuteness Overload!

Some things in life are worth driving a little bit farther than normal, and when my college roommate, Krystal, mentioned how much her ten month old loved watermelon, I knew these photos would be worth the extra mile! So, with camera in hand, we took off to the Charlotte, NC area for a trip to IKEA, some shoe shopping, and, most importantly, some much needed time with my friend and her family!

We started off the session with an adorable push car that Jonah’s dad found online. How cute?!! Jonah wasn’t quite big enough to ride on it yet, but he was definitely happy to sit on it (with adult hands nearby) while we grabbed a few photos!

Then, while Krystal prepared some juicy watermelon, big brother Joseph and I went off to explore around the house and create a few portraits just for him. Since he was pretty bummed about missing out on school pictures this year, it was definitely worth it to capture a few moments with him too!

But of course, we had to do some sibling shots too!

But finally, it was time for what we were all excited about! Watermelon! This kid has got a serious appetite and I can’t wait for his one year old photos! Of course we’ll be doing a smash cake, but, rumor has it, there might be some spaghetti involved too! (Stay tuned in August!)

Gah! I just wanna squeeze him! Well… after a bath maybe.

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