Why We Do This

Wedding rings photographed at Hidden Meadows in Greeneville, Tennessee, by The Modern Heart.

Running a business comes with lots of decisions. Most importantly, of course, is what you’re going to do in that business! But that decision is so much deeper than “What do I want to sell or offer?”. To really know how the business will operate, you have to get down to “why” of the business. Why do you sell or offer what you do? Why is it important and will your clients value what you offer? For us, the “why” comes down to one word: love.

Without love, we would have no couples to photograph, no weddings to document, and no anniversaries to celebrate. But, because love exists and is such a powerful force in the universe, we get the privilege of capturing the love through every couple we encounter. So why is it important to document that love? Why does it matter to us and our clients?

  • Because your story matters! Our couples come together through unique paths. They bring their own stories and experiences into the relationship and create something beautiful together. That path and those experiences matter to who they are as a couple, and we want to celebrate those details.
  • Because images offer opportunities to share your story! Every couple has good times and bad times, but they go through them together. Those stories are so important to those around them, whether they’re children, extended family, or friends. By sharing the images captured throughout their lives together, they have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and wisdom they’ve gained throughout their life. They have the opportunity to encourage others and support others by sharing a little bit of their life.
  • Because sometimes you need a reminder! No matter how much love a couple shares, sometimes we all need reminders of how much we care about the other person. It’s our hope that the images we create will serve as constant reminders of joyous times and the love that our couples have for each other!
  • Because you are so much more than your job or kids! So often, couples become lost in their children or careers, but those aspects of life don’t equal who they are. When people join with their true match, they become something so much bigger than the activities that fill their lives. We want to celebrate that, to celebrate their story and personality together as a couple!
  • Because in a world full of hate, we could all use a little more love and joy! This is our ultimate goal, to share love, to encourage those around us, and to celebrate the stories of our couples.

Hopefully, explaining our “why” has helped those reading to understand why what we do is so important! Without love, without those memories to look back on, life is a whole lot darker. And we want to help keep the fire burning and the lights turned on!

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